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Corintco: the New Address of the “Business in Turkey”
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Corintco: the New Address of the “Business in Turkey”
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As Corintco Company we are here to provide the best services for foreigners who are willing to utilize the new opportunities of the new Turkey which is a country developing rapidly day by day. Our company has been providing Public Affairs Consulting in Turkey and known as a pioneering institution in the business with its award winning projects. Since Turkey became a well known developed country in the last two decades all around the world, many foreign investors started to focus on Lobbying and Government Relations in Turkey and they seek for some experienced business to rely on in their new possible occupation area.

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Corporate Legal Strategy Consulting in Turkey is a little bit different than most of the other countries in the world since the laws in the country are a bit different which can be used in your advantage if you take your decisions on time with a professional team. We also have been serving services in the area of Public Relations Consulting in Turkey with our expert team. We know how the Turkish citizens and local governments react to the decisions you want to apply, that is why everything will be easier with us during your new journey in the country. All you have to do is getting contact with us and letting us to guide & support you while you are deciding on your new decisions and applying them in the best way. Another area which we provide services to both domestic and international companies is Investment Consulting in Turkey. We have been working with most of the well known companies in Turkey and willing to serve you to in the best way it is possible.

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26-06-2015 21:55
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