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Mesaj: #1 play good or fast growing methods
General tactics or techniques


Your best defense is a must to succeed in the game. This is where one of the main methods to be always aware that true and how you act.
Know the corners of the map, cornered
Being overly aggressive or greedy, swallowed because most players are trying to divide hunting.
Use your speed. You are always faster than your competitors you can not catch your major competitors divided as long as you swallow.
One of the most important factors to be considered here is "necessary mass to swallow division" is the factor (details below)
Whether or not to flee are two different things you can do once you understand it. Dividing at least half (or less) to try to recover your body mass or throwing (W key) to work faster.

Try to take the right players you hunt larger players, they did not have to return to you from fleeing or direction change is inevitable. But note that you hunt you both great players are ideal players to the opposite direction and in colossal size for the job.
Players always move faster than you hunt, but you may be surprised by feeding them by throwing mass that can provide slow down or change direction.
Advanced tactics and techniques

Agario 's mysterious producer does not give any more information about him is Brazilian and 19 years old.
Read our interview with the developers of the game definitely!
The best method is to use viruses to smash giant players. When these viruses at the mass begin to swell and then come to a certain point (7-8 shooting), you take direction towards a new virus is created. In summary, using giant viruses or large players can "fire" and ensure their division. There is almost nothing you can do against this giant player.

Viruses are down 4-5 away to go round the virus, set your distance accordingly.
Viruses can inflate them to make pre-shot (prepare) and then make the necessary final shot "can explode."
Two or more when you cut into pieces if both parts direction from front to go small part to move faster does not stay as long, "rush into" the work, so other slow the massive piece does not slow down too much and you can send the front.
How do we combine the divided parts we?

The answer is very clear now that no two cells begin to unite, but to bring the mouse to accelerate the merger process medium.

Divided by swallowing Required for Mass (BYİGK)

When you swallow a small cell for direct attack him, you must not be greater than 10-20% of it. If you're trying to swallow the note is dividing you must be greater than 10% than doubled. Using this account is the most important part of the defensive sense and understand this account you who can not swallow swallow is the fact that you can act accordingly divided.

Use the psychology of the players in your favor

Remember, everyone is playing games with you for the same purpose it varies according to their mass and how the players play. Accordingly, compared with the size of the players around you play or how much they can predict how aggressive or passive they are inclined to take risks. This allows you to predict the movements of the ones chasing chased cells and even the chance to manipulate nature.

Although actually quite sophisticated and a very simple game that requires technique and movements made to the summit if your play list without thinking that it is very difficult to play a cross.

Play agario
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